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by the intelligence community and regarding eavesdropping on the german chancellor angela merkel, feinstein says, i'm quoting, it is my understanding that president obama was not aware chancellor merkel's communications were being collected since 2002. that is a big problem. american officials have some explaining to do here at home and around the world. let's find out what's going on from our chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto. he's here in "the situation room." this is a very strong statement from dianne feinstein. she confirms in effect, she's the chair of the intelligence committee, not only that she's upset, that the intelligence community wasn't informed about all the snooping, including on the german chancellor, but that the president she says wasn't informed either and in effect, she's confirming all of these reports. >> that's exactly right. this had been the burning question, what did the president know, that old question, what did the president know and when did he know it. now we have the chairman of the senate intelligence committee telling us he did not know and senior
agents were tapping chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone, something he denies. >>> state-run media in china says a car that ran into pedestrians in beijing's tiananmen square killed five people, two of them tourists. >>> one of japan's biggest banks is punishing top executives for knowingly loaning money to criminal organizations. >>> u.s. president barack obama is facing more questions about what he knew and when regarding the activities of his intelligence agents. a german newspaper says obama found out three years ago that the national security agency was tapping chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone. that contradicts reports he told her he was unaware. nhk world's noriko okada has more. >> reporter: the german newspaper is the latest media source to publish details of how the u.s. spied on german chancellor angela merkel. it spoke to a u.s. intelligence worker involved in the operation. it says that person revealed the head of the national security agency informed the president obama in person about the surveillance in 2010. the paper quoted the source as saying obama did not
and improved spying on angela merkel. not true. house and homeland security, says the house should stop apologizing for the nsa, and dick cheney agreed. >> important to the security of the nation and need to be preserved. >> the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not only the united states but in france and germany and throughout europe. the french are ones to talk. the fact is they carried out spying operations against united states both the government and industry. >> a much different thought though from democratic senator jean sheheen. she called for the government to come clean about its surveillance program. >> i think the revelations from snowden and the secrets that have been revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral ription relationshipsh germany with mexico with the other countries where the suggestion is we've listened in. so i think we have repair work to do and we have hard questions we need to ask about the nsa about what is really happening in this program. >> and earlier we spoke with jim walsh at the massachusetts institute of technology about w
the phone of chancellor angela merkel. >> he told me he could imagine come to go to germany if it means coming in safety. this means free passage and receiving asylum. the interior minister could help him. >> reporter: snowdon starts his new job in petersburg as a technical adviser with russia's version of facebook, but he may not be happy as they have been given new powers of intercepting of communication. >> it was a warm meeting he would at snowdon's initiative. >> reporter: it comes after a protest against one of the country's biggest companies. >> it's going to be very serious especially in next year's winter olympics in russia and talking not just telecommunications but wi-fi, laptops and smart phones. 90% of all your passwords will be broken. >> reporter: it's been alleged september's g20 summit the russians handed out free gifts, flash drives and mobile equipped with trojan software to spy on software and telecommunications. >>> but they dismissed reports to divert attention away from the serious allegations of espionage leveled against washington. >> president obama is putting
it town. >> reports that president obama knew the nsa was spying on angela merkel. and leaders head to washington to discuss the spying. >> syria plans to destroy chemical weapons with a watchdog overlooking. >>> rock'n'roll fans remembering influential punk pioneer lou reed. [ ♪ theme ] >>> welcome to al jazeera america. ever since the federal health care website went on line this month it's been plagued by problems. now there's a new glitch. the data hub is down - halting online enrolment. that hub, going down sunday, verifies applicants' yoists and incomes. it's key. the problem was caused by a connectivity issue at a center operated by ver eyeson. they quote in a statement: >> well, the latest gaff is yet another head ache for health -- health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, who is set to appear before a committee to testify. the glitches are blamed for low enrol. sam say kathleen sebelius should step down if she can't fix the problems with >> the president has been poorly served with the implementation of his own signatory regulation. if someo
about their spying on angela merkel and other foreign leaders. >> will we apologize to angela merkel? >> reporter: but america's spy agencies were not apologizing to anyone claiming instead that all countries spy. >> some of this reminds me of a lot of the classic movie "casa blanca," my god, there is gambling going on here. it is the same thing. >> do you believe the allies have conducted at any time any type of espionage element against the u.s., our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> reporter: they also strongly denied reports of mass collection of phone records on countries such as france and spain. what is most surprising is france, germany, more than 30 leaders in all. an invasion of privacy the u.s. has not denied. what the administration will also not explain is how president obama didn't know, as the white house claims. >> if the president didn't know, he certainly should have known. one would think that if he didn't know, he would have demanded the resignations of those who should have briefed him. >> reporter: current and former officials say obama may not have known
of chancellor angela merkel. >> he told me he could imagine coming to germany if it was made clear he could come in safety, this means free passage and asylum. >> reporter: it's reported snowdon is starting a new job in st. petersburg this month as a technical adviser to russia's version of facebook. but security in moscow has now been given new powers to intercept telecommunications. >> it was a very warm meeting with the german m.p. it was held at snowdon's own initiative. >> it's going to be very serious. especially in next year's winter leaderships in russia, talking not just telecommunications but wi-fi, laptops, and smart phones. 90% of all your passwords will be broken. >> reporter: it's been alleged that september's g20 summit in st. petersburg the russians handed out free gifts to spy on cell phone and computer summations. a spokesman for vladimir putin dismissed the reports as an attempt to divert the attention away from the more serious allegations of espionage being levy against washington. al jazeera, moscow. ♪ you >> meteorologist: it's turning out to be a decent day over much of
journal" said the nsa had eavesdropped on angela merkel's cell phone for years. the paper said president obama was informed of the procedure this summer and it had been stopped. german lawmakers were outraged. >> eavesdropping on the mobile phone conversations of heads of government takes things to a new level. it is unacceptable. but this cannot distract us from the fact that a massive amount of spying on normal german citizens and businesses was underway at the same time. >> many called for talks on a free-trade deal between the u.s. and the eu to be suspended. in washington, barack obama promised to review u.s. intelligence efforts. >> what we've seen over the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand, and that's why i am initiating a review to make sure that what they are able to do doesn't do sincerely mean what they should be doing -- doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. times" saysyork obama should move to stop surveillance on all heads of state. .he allegations kept on coming media reports said the nsa had also tapped into google and yah
. angela merkel, apparently she has been bugged, if you like, for years and years, but the nsa saying barack obama, he doesn't know anything about it. >> reporter: this raises a number of questions. the leak to the wall street journey, this is the main way the obama administration communicates with us to the press and to the world despite their crackdown on whistle blowers. the fact that president obama knew nothing and it was a review that took place in the white house that 35 world leaders were being surveyed, including angela merkel. as soon as he saw that he stopped the surveillance on angela merkel. if you're not a world leader you're not out of the woods, apparently. but in reports in the german media as early as 2010 the director of national security recreation told mr. obama personally that ms. merkel's phone was being tapped. president obama not only allowed that to continue, but any intelligence from that surveillance went directly to the white house, and didn't even go through the nsa. certainly there is push back from the white house. owofficials from the obama administrat
when it comes to angela merkel's surveillance. the u.s. tracked millions of spanish phone calls, he repeated the nsa's surveillance programs are being examined. >> we are conducting a review, we are mindful that some of these disclosures have caused tension in our relationships. with new capabilities we recognize there need to be additional constraints on how we gather and use intelligence. >> tensions striekd suggesting president obama was briefed on the surveillance of angela merkel's phone in 2010 and fast tracked any information gathered directly to the white house. in the past few days anonymous administration officials told the media that was false and the white house review only discovered the surveillance of u.s. leaders in summer. the bugging of angela merkel e ended immediately afterwards. it's about the surveillance of tens of millions of its constituents. >> just needs to be rebuilt. we need to find out why this kind of thing is happening and what kind of trust has to be rebuilt. in the end we're fighting a battle in terms of security. we need to get that balance right.
.s. spying on spain, nsa eavesdropping on german leader angela merkel's cell phone. for more than a decade, the white house claims, without president obama's knowledge. >>> u.s. ambassador to spain called on the carpet in madrid. today on capitol hill european union officials demanded answers from chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> i think confidence is damaged. we've identified some questions. therefore, we are -- have to work hard that confidence is established. >> what does this all mean for president obama's relationships with world leaders going forward. on six minute top cia officials talks about the fallout from the edward snowden leaks. >> this is the most serious leak, most serious compromise in the u.s. intelligence committee. >> because of the amount of it and the type. >> the amount and the type. >> website reboot. secretary of hhs kathleen sebelius faces questions on capitol hill wednesday after went down over the weekend adding fuel to the criticism and more fodder for snl. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those problems.
the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel. >> david chater reports from moscow. >> edward snowden shows every sign of going native. the snapshot showing him enjoying a river cruise in moscow. he held a meeting with an mp from the green party. he said their discussions were revealing. at a press conference the mp said edward snowden would about willing to go germany as a witness to the bugging of angela merkel's phone by the u.s. >> translation: he told me he could imagine coming to germany if it was clear he could remain here in safety. this means granting free passage and asylum. the interior minister could offer this and fulfil the moral obligation to help him. >> it's reported edward snowden is starting a job in st. petersburg as a technical advisor to russia's version of facebook. he may not be happy with the news that the federal security service in moscow is being given powers to intercept telephone and internet communications. >> translation: it was a warm meeting with the german mp. held at edward's initiative. the new powers given to russia's intelligence services prompted a
been spying on them. and the latest is staunch u.s. ally and the german chancellor angela merkel. her reaction she has dispatched her top spy chiefs to washington. this comes as an european delegation visits the u.s. >> reporter: the white house said it was unwilling to talk abou--to--contra-ducts reports n german newspapers that not only did president obama know about the surveillance, he fast tracked any information gleaned from angela merkel's surveillance to the white house. >> the president, i think in all he has said about this issue, not just sense the disclosures, but even before them reflects his commitment to insuring that we do everything we have to do within the law to keep america safe, to keep americans safe, and keep our allies safe, and that we do so in a way that reflects the need to find a balance, and to recognize the sincere security--rather privacy concerns that americans have and others have around the world. >> reporter: for the european delegation that has just arrived in washington this is more than the surveillance of u.s. leaders phones but the surveillance
knew the u.s. was conducting surveillance on chancellor angela merkel in 2010 even though he assured her by phone last week, he did not know anything. this morning, u.s. officials are claiming the obama administration ended the nsa operation that spied on merkel this past summer, as soon as they found out about it. we get more from have been cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: the newest edward snowden documents report more spying on america's closest allies. in spain the nsa reports listening in on 60 million phone calls in a single month and in germany a newspaper reports that president obama was briefed by nsa chief keith alexander about spying on german chance large angela merkel's calls back in 2010 and contradicting white house assurances that the president was not aware of the extent of the surveillance. the nsa quickly denied the report saying the following. nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving merkel. the nsa's denial a clear step beyond the white house's willingness, up to now, only to deny present and future monitoring. >
angela merkel. pierre limiter -- p aaron a lemaitre hasre won the literature prize prix goncourt. >> it is his first literary novel. it is popular fiction. it is very much -- it is in very much the style that is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable among the prix goncourt, given the awards to something quite big, quite epic, and quite accessible, which we already saw. it is a petty crime bill you of one of them is disfigured, and they are left without any money, more or less, and they go on, embarq on a make fictitious war memorials. also in the mix is there villainous former lieutenant to try to get them killed in no man's land, also embarking on another great war-related scam, too. it is quite a dark picaresque view of the war and the postwar period. quite cynical, but there is a certain degree of likeness to it as well. it has already been hugely popular, not immediate for three of the other awards, major other awards in france, and it has --eady sold 40,000 couples 40,000 copies. it stands to do better than that. making half a million after winning the prix goncourt.
's karzai saying to chief of staff, whether he knew it was angela merkel talking on her cell phone, i don't know. what we've seen is the nsa is just one of those organizations that if it can do it, it will do it. these are young, techno-phyles they solve these puzzles for the challenge they got out of control. i like to the sorcerers, all the buckets of water. it just got out of control. >> schieffer: what it does kind of make you wonder, doesn't it, david, maybe just because we're reporters, but i'm sitting here reading this or getting this intelligence brief, wouldn't you say, how do you know that? >> in the first year of presidency i could image in a president not knowing it. by year five you have to say, at some point he's likely to of a asked that question. if he didn't, it's almost certain that many of his national security aides would have. because while the president gets as david indicated this presidential daily brief, it's an analytical product. what his aides get are the product and the annex beneath it of the raw intelligence. so, that then raises the question of oversight
house is briefing the press after its side of the story, when it comes to angela merkel's surveillance. >> at the how's the presidential spokesman refused to be drawn on reports the u.s. tracked millions of spanish phone calls. it repeated the nsa's surveillance programs - that they are being examined. >> we are conducting a review. we are mindful that some of these disclosures have caused tension in our relationships. with new capabilities we recognise there needs to be additional constraints on how we gather and use intelligence. >> tensions spiked with reports in germany suggesting president obama was briefed on the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel's phone in 2010, and fast-tracked information gathered directly to the white house. in the past few days anonymous administration officials told the u.s. media that that was false, and that a white house review only discovered the surveillance of world leaders in the summer. the bugging of merkel's phone ended soon after. for a european parliamentary delegation its long-planned visit to washington is about more than the bug
to fight against the nsa in spying scandal angela merkel and still have for you. the search for greener pastures. monsanto were the european financial crisis his heart and migrants in italy leaving thousands out in the streets without a job at all. or hope the first in britain sometimes being the deck committing crimes to secure your future especially if your car at center was revealed the newly formed u k cyber defence unions looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its convicted inmates that says barr smith reports. life in times of the house had the most liberal city from cruising to a thunderous bass to bind up in prison. so what governments. it does help that the uk who plays the victim and forth and knights officials that makes the kids enjoyed hiring can be sometimes had to stop the units. the implications like that in the headlights it's a place that governments to have people that if people had governments get sick right i'll buy that gates that's conveyed to get packing. he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be back in full a job that he would b
stood in thailand are tested to determine the chancellor angela merkel which he said that to today more than willing to come and testify because he knows a lot about the nsa activities and not just in europe but in the entire world would be happy to sad to talk about them bought such i could only do that at the win guarantees him a safe passage mean practical when it started to the united states. on top of that though it's not the source added that c would be more than willing to testify not a valid but in washington and fourthly that is impossible odds at the moments of toys at this point in st are many find themselves in sort of the fatwa to considering the fact that it has been revealed that anything has been whistling a tune or the private phone conversations of the german chancellor angela merkel and dining at its notice of life in russia where he has been since sec two and a welsh at reading to his address and where it snowed in i think a good job with the wide approach to up internet companies as a technical specialist however we do not know which company that is because the cou
, president obama was briefed by nsa chief keith alexander about spying on angela merkel's calls. the nsa quickly denied the report telling cnn general sander did not discuss with president obama in 2010 an alleged foreign intelligence operation involving german chancellor merkel, nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving murkle. the nsa says the willingness up to now to deny present and future monitoring. >> i can tell you the president can assure the chancellor, the sungs not and will not 3407b tore the conversations of the chancellor. >> reporter: they are coming to the u.s. to challenge their american counterparts, after breaking quote german law on german soil. house chairman rodgers defended the nsa under surveillance on cnn sunday saying it was both well regulated and essential to keeping both americans and europeans safe from terrorism. >> i think the biggest story here, candy, if the united states intelligence services weren't trying to collect information with u.s. interests home and abroad. >> reporter: the no. 2, former number two n.cia, mike burrell on "60 minute
be totally unacceptable. >> al, thanks so much. let's go over to germany. chancellor angela merkel wanted to know directly from the president whether her own personal phone was tapped. diana magnate is in berlin. the chancellor did say the trust between the united states and europe has to be, in her words, re-established. what does she mean by that? how does that happen and what are the german reactions to claims of being spied on by their mates? >> well, justice, the basis as the of any good political relationship. when she she's trust has been broken, you can see how angry she is. she was a woman who grew up in the former east germany and understands what living in a police state is like. she remembers how much the east german spy network disrupted the very basis of society. and so do so many germans, michael. that's why when she says and the german people say that it is not right to spy on friends, they're speaking from bitter experience. >> all right, diana magnay, thank you so much. the state department at least joining us there. we know one of the things that at least the white hous
from edward snowden has gone on to what anyone realize beyond the wiretapping of angela merkel's personal cell phone. it's hard to believe a terrorist would call her up and say i'm a terrorist and just that i would let you know we are going to blow up a building. doesn't sound very likely that they should be doing that. at least that's my opinion. >> host: what do you make of the revolution's overall but the work the nsa is doing and how that either helps or contributes to what the work at the fbi and the cia do? >> guest: well, the fbi is an important agency obviously. it seemed to miss revelations that they've gone beyond what anyone suspected they could be doing. i personally don't think the correction of what they call metadata, which is like every phone call, you know, is not overheard. that seems to me to be going on what his message very. if they have a bad guy, they can go to the foreign intelligence surveillance court and put on for a warrant and they'll get a warrant in almost every case. to wiretap that person. they don't need to know that i was talking to my brother
. new reports showing the german chancellor angela merkel may have been targeted going all the way back to 2002. carl, are we alienating our allies? >> yes. but we've got to separate some things here. the question of why particular leaders like merkel were somehow targed rather than just part of a larger vacuum cleaning operation is inexplicable so far. we need to have some answers. why were these leaders targeted? it does not make sense. >> and did the president know about it? >> and did the president know about it is an absolutely important question to answer. at the same time, we know from what has been revealed as a result of snowden that the nsa has been doing this incredible vacuum cleaner operation now for a long time in which all these digits from communications all over the world are for good reason sifted, because the terrorist threat is real. and at the same time we need real safeguards. and what snowden has done is to show that we don't have the safeguards that we need, that we need better courts in terms of warrants and how this information is used. we need better oversight
citizens. the nsa says barack obama did not know that angela merkel's phone was tapped. german media reported that the u.s. president was informed in 2010 about the phone monitoring. a reporter said the u.s. president must have known the phone tapping was going on. >> this is exactly the kind of intelligence that almost certainly is included in daily intelligence briefs to the president, which, of course, are, you know, the things that are most interesting to the political leadership of this country. so that's why i think that it would be highly unlikely that the president would not have been informed about the fact that the prime minister was being monitored in that way. and that certain tied bits of intelligence must certainly have been - made their way into the oval office in that fashion. this is a serious problem politically for the united states with germany, because of the particular sensitivityies of the german political system, because, of course, the stasi's role in privacy and very aggressive way during the communist period. this is a particularly sensitive issue for the g
president barack obama has known for years that american agents were eavesdropping on chancellor angela merkel for the last three years.
chancellor angela merkel's mobile phone for more than ten years. >>> officials in north korea have told nhk they plan to keep a program running that has given people in japan emotional closure. they say they will continue to allow japanese to visit places where their loved ones died. more than 38,000 japanese died in the northern part of the korean peninsula around the end of world war ii. the remains of two-thirds of them are thought to be buried there. nhk world's hiromitsu nagano recently accompanied a group that went to pay respects. >> reporter: three japanese grieved relatives arrived in pyongyang last thursday. one of them was 78-year-old tsuneaki iwata from tokyo. >> translator: i'm deeply moved to be here. arriving in north korea and breathing the air here reminds me that i used to live in this country. i want to tell my father that my mother brought us siblings back to japan safely. >> reporter: iwata used to live with his parents and four siblings in what is now north korea before returning to japan nearly 70 years ago. since then, he has longed to visit the place where his fathe
tapped the cell phone of chancellor angela merkel. strobel says snowden made it clear he knows a lot. snowden has revealed details of several top u.s. surveillance programs. u.s. leaders are demanding the russian officials return him to the u.s. so he can face charges of espionage and theft of government property. >>> germany has criticized the apparent spying operation against merkel. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry admitted some of the spying activities were inappropriate, but stopping short of clarifying the details. kerry spoke to a conference in london via video link on thursday. >> some of these actions have reached too far, and we are going to make sure that does not happen in the future. >> but he defended u.s. intelligence gathering, saying it has stopped numerous terrorist attacks. kerry said president barack obama is conducting a thorough review of the spying to avoid creating anymore concern. >>> government officials here are looking to overhaul the operator of japan's crippled nuclear plant. aiuchida joins us from the business desk. >>> ministry officials want to
of chancellor angela merkel's telephone. as comes on a day that a german mp has been talking about his meeting with edward snowden in moscow this week. he says that snowden is willing to help a german investigation. stephen evans reports from berlin. >> the german mp described his three-hour meeting with edward snowden in moscow. wasfugitive, said the mp, relaxed and seemed healthy. he could go shopping. mr. snowden wants to explain how, as he sees it, the u.s. intelligence agencies broke the law. and mr. snowden is looking at how he might move from russia to germany. you can imagine traveling to germany, provided there is a guarantee he could stay here for another country -- or another country and be safe there. that means legally speaking, safe passage followed by asylum. visa to stay in russia expires next june. if it is not extended, the fugitive has a problem. if he leaves russia, the visa becomes invalid and he cannot return. in berlin, the american ambassador to germany has been saying that his embassy is not a nest of espionage, as some german media have labeled it. >> what we have on
phone of german chancellor angela merkel. the lawmaker met the former u.s. intelligence contractor in moscow. german media say the legislator of the opposition green party hans christian strobella spent three hours with snowden. snowden reportedly said he's ready to speak before german prosecutors and members of parliament. he told german tv that snowden appeared to have a lot of information about the eavesdropping issue. observers believe his testimony will help shed light on the alleged spying but they also expect washington to oppose the move. the u.s. government demands that moscow return snoweden to face charges. he now lives in russia under asylum. >>> representatives of an international monitoring organization are reporting progress in the first phase of their efforts to rid syria of chemical weapons. officials with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons say the government has destroyed all of its production facilities. >> the syrian government has completed what we call the functional destruction of its entire chemical weapons making apparatus and what are
activities. most recently the bugging of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone and lederhossen drawers. (laughter) united states pretended to be her onlean boy friend for two years. two years-- ! but perhaps i never realized how acute and dire the fallout of this may be until i saw this shocking story. >> russian leaders are denying reports of spying on overseas leaders. they are accused of passing out bugged gift bags at last month's g-20 summit. >> jon: bugged gift bags! before all these revelations we could have jumped all over this story with good old-fashioned american con desession and smug superiority, thrown out a little boris and natasha reference. done a little yaukoff smirnoff, in russia gift bag rummage through you, but now-- (laughter) i can only smear at how ham handed their spying is. >> delegates were given usb pem ree sticks and phone chargers equipped with spywear. >> if you're a world leader and you put the usb stick russia gave you into your computer, you deserve to have them [bleep] with your screensaver. wow. that is going to haunt my dreams. oh. like i was hypnot
of revelations about our nation's spying activities. most recently the bugging of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone and lederhossen drawers. (laughter) and the fact that the united states pretended to be her onlean boy friend for two years. two years-- ! but perhaps i never realized how acute and dire the fallout of this may be until i saw this shocking story. >> russian leaders are denying reports of spying on overseas leaders. they are accused of passing out bugged gift bags at last month's g-20 summit. >> jon: bugged gift bags! before all these revelations we could have jumped all over this story with good old-fashioned american con desession and smug superiority, thrown out a little boris and natasha reference. done a little yaukoff smirnoff, in russia gift bag rummage through you, but now-- (laughter) i can only smear at how ham handed their spying is. >> delegates were given usb pem ree sticks and phone chargers equipped with spywear. >> if you're a world leader and you put the usb stick russia gave you into your computer, you deserve to have them [bleep] with your screensaver. w
it coming out apparently the nsa was wiretapping angela merkel's phone for the past ten years. germ parliamentarian who went to moscow yesterday to meet with snowden and also would like him to testify in germany says the germans should be grateful to snowden. let's listen in to what this politician had to say earlier today. >> translator: millions of communications were accessed. the fact that we even know it's possible that u.s. authorities bugged the chancellor and possible members of parliament maybe from the u.s. embassy. we should be grateful to him. say thank you or otherwise it might still be going on. >> so those are the things that could actually lead to that happening, about but now there is the whole as you said the not likely part to all of this. first of all, the u.s. and germany are still very big allies. the germans are very angry but not that angry at the united states. they certainly would not want to jeopardize that relationship. edward snowden would have to give up the safe haven he has right now in russia. the u.s. has already put in a request for his extradition
charge comes from germany where the nsa allegedly monitored chancellor angela merkel's cellphone decade. one paper wrote that president obama was made aware of it in 2010 and allowed to continue. the nsa denies the president knew anything. >>: much of its discarded. merkel placed an angry phone call to the president and another german officials say is this has shaken their confidence in the united states where are the claims coming from a document from nsa leader edwards and aldon. and anger over clams the nsa is spying on people around the world is spilling into the streets of washington. demonstrators rallied against the nation's surveillance programs on saturday. a state department spokeswoman says president obama has directed the government to review and surveillance capabilities. >>darya: was check-in with the weather. >>erica: 53 currently in san jose. as we take a look at wind gusts. actually not as bad as what we experienced last night. we are still talking with us up to 32 mi. per hour and vallejo. the bigger picture here on satellite and radar. this cold front has dropped down
of the chancellor of germany, angela merkel, ever since 2010, but that president obama knew about it. the nsa hitting back, trashing the report with this statement, saying, general alexander did not discuss with president obama in 2010 this alleged foreign intelligence operation involving german chancellor merkel. nor has he ever discussed alleged operations involving chancellor merkel. newsroom reports claiming otherwise are simply not true. germany may be in the spotlight, but that's one of just 30 countries. u.s. allies saying they're furious at the alleged extent of nsa surveillance on their turf. today, the u.s. ambassador to spain was called in for a dressing down by the spanish foreign minister. a spanish newspaper publishing a shocking number, 60. 6-0 million phone calls of average citizens intercepted by the nsa in the past year alone. so joining me now, christiane amanpour, cnn's chief international correspondent and a professor at princeton university. christiane to you, first, because the big pushback coming from this unidentified source, the wall street journal, saying the presid
spying on its top allies including the leaders of some of those nations like angela merkel for example. i can't show it to you because the camera position can't change, but awaiting the arrival of general alexandar who will be testifying about 1:30, about 30 minutes from now before the house select committee. there will be a proposed legislative change. the author of the patriot act, which clears the way for so much intelligence gathering in the wake of 9/11, back in 2001, is now proposing another piece of legislation, that would amend the patriot act, to redefine exactly the extent of spying that will be allowing to be done on american citizens for example, the so called collection of meta data phone calls text messages etc. as well as redefining the extent to which foreign intelligence gather canning be done with an towards focusing it towards terrorism investigations. >> and randall, this is one of those bizarre moments when administrations past and present seem to agree, with each oh, former vice president dick cheney saying that he believes that nothing should be done, the white hous
with washington took a serious hit. germany has been fuming over allegations that angela merkel cell phone could have been kept since two thousand and two three years before she became chancellor. one of the country's amp's wants edward snowed in to testify on the matter because he doesn't trust us intelligence officials. don't you do you think i'd die. i think it's important to work together with mr snow in rather than putting him in prison he always liked more clarity on these allegations someone to make sure something like this it doesn't happen again. snow in the world for many years for the cit and an essay so i'm sure he can tell us everything we need to know about the leaked documents because as we've seen the nsa has been very scarce with providing information. i also think that the organization including nsc chief keith alexander aren't always be truthful they want to claim they'll never bring german laws and their surveillance operations but tapping the chancellor's ford is not legal. that's why i have trouble trusting u s intelligence official the quiet american security officials and
worker edward snowden, revelations that the nsa spied on germany's chancellor angela merkel have proadvocated outrage in the country. >>> french police have released a sketch of a man wanted for the murder of a family in the alps, a shooting that is still unexplained. >>> a dutch children's rights organization is warning of what it describes as an e epidemic of youngsters being forced to perform sexual acts. handed those names to interpol. >> she is the weapon against sex traffic, she is not real. prowling the web for sex, one group trying to end it all. these are some of the men who have been identified as terrorists. researchers log on to chattel rooms pretending to be young girls. within seconds they are being offered money in return for things we cannot repeat. >> whenever i open a chat room dozens of men swarm at me within minutes. from families, good jobs, they're athletes, it's unbelievable how diverse the pattern is. >> this is one of the chat rooms the team are using. 10 f philippines. ten years old, female, philippines. we deliberately kept the camera a little bit far a
including german chancellor angela merkel. former cia covert operations officer, global intelligence and security firm. based on what senator feinstein said, what damage if they restrict the activities of the nsa, what damage without due to our intelligence collection? >> it shouldn't be the business of our politicians or our administration regardless of which administration to try to set our national security parameters in order to appease the public. whether it is our public or european allies. there's a reason they have need to know. the reason we have secrets. it would be lovely if it was a world full of rainbows and unicorns, but it is not. to say our allies are shocked and outraged is to discount the fact they are doing the same thing. in part it is because what is a quiet understanding the fact we spy on them, they spy on their friends and neighbors and us if they have the resources comment has been thrown out into the spotlight because of the snowdon leaks. we are playing their public in a way. i think it is a complete mistake of his white house turned around and says we are
angela merkel there is not and will not be any spying on her. this was the reaction when he was asked about leaders of france and japan. >> i just don't have anything more specific about specific alleged operations or conversations the president may or may not have had with foreign leaders. >> the freedom act proposes ending bulk collection of records if not directly linked to terrorism, can did he say stein intelligence or suspected foreign agents. >> one major point was made to surveillance policies, saying everybody else is doing it too. they claim some of the information came from nato allies, not u.s. spying. greece has admitted to spying on the u.s. and others in the 1990's at the hearing. james clapper made it clear the u.s. is in good company. >> you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence service leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> he said the white house was aware the n.s.a. oversees eavesdropping all along, but may not have known specifics. >> russian leaders denying repo
the apology have nodded knowledge that? anyway. >> if you recall the statement from angela merkel the united ,tates, is not and will not listening in on her phone conversations there was never any statement about the past tense. it was current and future. did you know what was going on? known most i would have would have been the security and assessments without saying specifically where they came from. assessmentof some inld be high-level officials you would never know whether that was one arm -- one on one, transferred in conversation, but they do not describe in the reports that we get that so and so's conversation was tapped. that is not the way the report reads. people assumedt there were conversations where they were overheard but it was not as though they come to us we want yout saying all to know that we are listening into conversations. >> you're not going to believe it angela merkel just said. [laughter] >> right. >> it did shock you when you read the report. >> it did. it startles us. when we hear of something that wrong, i don'tso think we ought to be tapping the phone conversati
obama knew that nsa was spying on angela merkel. >>> news executives are in a london courtroom charged with tackinhacking phones and bribing officials. the trial is expected to run through spring. >>> there is a new glitch playing the affordable healthcare website. the data hub is down halting online enrollment. that hub went down on sunday. it's key in determining eligibility for tax credits which can reduce the cost of those monthly insurance problems. the problem was caused with a connectivity issue at a center operated by verizon. those are your headlines. consider this i"consider this" e have news 24 hours a day at fought by antibiotics. is it too late to catch up and infections. >> a look at america's conspiracy theories with brad melt zer. did bobby kennedy take his brother's brain and how long was the fbi tracking lee harvey oswald before the assassination. >> wing suit flying is a deadly sport. mountains. >> i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this." we begin with a health crisis. antibiotics have saved millions of lives since coming into wide use in the
on the surveillance of angela merkel's phone in 2010. anonymous officials say that is not true and that a white house review only discovered the surveillance of world leaders in the summer and say the bugging of merkel's phone and soon after. a delegation from the european parliament that is visiting washington is also worried about the surveillance of tens of millions of its citizens. one report from spain suggests the nsa tracked 60 million calls in the country in the space of a month. >> we need to figure out why this kind of surveillance activity is happening and what kind of trust needs to be rebuilt. in the end we are fighting a battle in terms of security and we need to get the balance right and we are concerned too about security and we made that very clear. but also there is a balance to be struck in privacy of citizens and i think these factors changes need to be built into trust. >> reporter: there is a session to discuss u.s. spying. if a special committee is set it it may end up calling witnesses including chancellor merkel and snowden who revealed the surveillance program and given asy
. the bugging of angela merkel's phone received attention because of the strategic implications of being caught. it worries a european delegation of parliament airians investigate ght the scale of the program. >> spying on friends, not just leaders, citizens. >> tuesday's hearing was about the u.s.'s domestic surveillance operations with james clapper and keith alexander key to restrict legislative changes to collect the phone call data of u.s. citizens. >> you are watching al jazeera newshour. still to come - mineral rich, but mired in chaos. the security crisis in the central african republic. and we visit a shelter for teenage mothers in kenya, who have been abandoned by their family. >> and miami heat celebrate their title and kick off the new season in style. joe will be here with the details later. . >>> a bus caught fire on a highway between bangalore and hyderabad in india. up to 44 are feared dead. six passengers and the driver made it out alive. the bus crashed into a barrier and the fuel tank collided. we'll look why there's so many deaths often indian roads in a moment. first the re
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